Lorraine Crowe

Hollymount, Co. Mayo
Lorraine Crowe lives in Hollymount, Co Mayo. She runs a calf to beef system on her farm, rearing both male and female calves.
She finds the Hereford breed a relatively easy and a hardy breed to rear. She believes that the key to keeping them healthy as calves is to ensure that they have good dry beds and the correct ventilation. Once they are strong enough to move onto grass, Lorraine uses a rotational grazing system and believes that the Hereford breed is well suited to this type of life.
This year Lorraine reseeded seven acres of her farm using a clover mix and she will continue to do so each year going forward. Her farm is participating in the national environmental scheme called ACRES (Agri-Climate Rural Environmental Scheme).
As part of that scheme five acres of her land is dedicated to being a suitable geese and swan habitat during the winter months.

"You can see the Herefords thriving, gaining weight and performing well on the good grass."

She has also committed to maintaining the traditional stone walls on her property. In the coming years Lorraine plans to build a new shed and will divide the land into more paddocks to improve her rotational grazing system.