Chef Profiles

Consistency that gives chefs confidence

Today, many of the world’s most respected chefs appreciate and respond to Irish Hereford Prime farmers’ passion for producing beef with impeccable sustainability credentials. In the words of Richie Wilson, Culinary Director, FIRE Steakhouse, Bar & SOLE Seafood & Grill in Dublin, “Knowing all this gives me so much confidence walking out to talk to a table. It’s amazing to be able to tell guests where exactly the beef has come from, and how natural and well cared for the product is”.


Culinary Director
FIRE Steakhouse & Bar,
SOLE Seafood & Grill in Dublin

Located in the historic Mansion House in the heart of Dublin City, FIRE Restaurant is one of Ireland’s best known restaurants.


Chef Thomas Brachet
Les Arlots, Paris

Les Arlots is a highly regarded, energetic Parisian bistro run by chef Thomas Brachet and sommelier Tristan Renoux.


Chef Florent Chollet
Cav’s restaurant, Sens, France

Chef Florent Chollet’s restaurant Cav’s in Sens, France has been described by the Michelin star guide as a restaurant perfectly in tune with the times.


Chef Eric Léautey
A Table Chez Eric Léautey, Thoiry, France

Michelin awarded, culinary polymath, Eric Léautey shows us around his Thoiry restaurant.


Hughie Hyland
Roly’s Bistro, Dublin

Leafy Ballsbridge in south county Dublin is home to one of the city’s most dependable and much loved restaurants, Roly’s Bistro.


Jean Denaux
Denaux Viande de Sélection, Sens, France

Jean Denaux selects and prepares meats for the most demanding chefs in France.


Chef Marc Seignard
Le Village a Neuilly, Paris.

Located halfway between the Champs Élysées and district La Défense, Le Village a Neuilly is a chic and cosy restaurant.

Consumers choose excellence

Surveys confirm that customers prefer beef from grass-fed cattle and are willing to pay more for it. With its flavour, tenderness and consistency, Certified Irish Hereford Prime delivers an eating experience that turns any meal into a truly memorable event.