The Producer Group

Building a world class brand

Farmer-led, Irish Hereford Prime was established in 1997 to market Hereford beef as a premium brand synonymous with quality and sustainability. Today, it is Europe’s largest and oldest Hereford producer group with members across Ireland. Members receive a bonus for stock that meets Irish Hereford Prime’s strict certification requirements. Sourcing new Hereford sires and sharing the latest research findings are among the many other practical benefits of membership.

Inspiring the world’s greatest chefs

To protect and enhance their reputations, elite chefs only work with the finest ingredients. That’s why so many now insist on Certified Irish Hereford Prime, knowing it will deliver consistently superb flavour every time they cook with it. 

The Farmer Story

Commited to care

Herefords are farmed across Ireland, generally on small to medium-sized family farms whose grassland can be well managed. An otherwise diverse group, farmers are united by a clear pride in their animals. They also display a deep sense of responsibility to the environment, the community and the future. Looking ahead, this attitude will be essential in protecting this remarkable breed and the farms they thrive on.

The Hereford Animal

A breed apart

Hereford cattle are distinguished by a white head and well-developed back, loin and quarters. Their docile temperament reflects the stress-free lives they spend grazing in the open air and contributes to their uniquely tender and flavoursome beef. Maturing early, Herefords are also hardy, live long and maintain their fertility. Given these many positive attributes, the breed’s growing popularity amongst farmers, chefs and consumers is very understandable.

The Grass Advantage

Powered by grass

Grass is a remarkable foodstuff whose sugars, fibres and oils supply cattle with all the nutrients they need to thrive. Irish Hereford cattle transform this low-cost, plentiful and completely natural foodstuff into delicious beef that’s enjoyed worldwide. An international survey commissioned by Bord Bia has revealed that consumers respond very well to this, saying they would pay more for beef from grass-fed cattle.

The Beef

Beef that can’t be bettered

Certified Irish Hereford Prime is distinguished by its unique taste, tenderness and consistency and is rich in nutrients, high-quality protein and essential fatty acids. These characteristics are encouraged by stress-free lives led by Hereford cattle grazing in fields of lush grass. Cuts also tend to be a consistent size which allows chefs to serve similar portion sizes, with every plate looking and tasting equally good.  


An unbroken chain of confidence

Certified Irish Hereford Prime’ gives producers, chefs and consumers complete confidence that a lengthy and strict set of certification regulations have been followed. Residence on the farm of an Irish Hereford Prime member, confirmed Hereford classification on its animal passport and weight and fat cover that meets strict standards are just some of the many certification requirements each animal must meet.


It looks as good as it tastes

The secret of Certified Irish Hereford Prime’s superb flavour ultimately lies in the finely-grained fat that creates its characteristic marbling, visible in all cuts. Beyond this, the beef is also rich in nutrients, high-quality protein and essential fatty acids including Omega-3.

Overview & Awards

Acclaimed and awarded worldwide

Certified Irish Hereford Prime is regularly recognised for its excellence in many of the world’s most prestigious food awards. Here are some of its recent accolades:

• The Irish Food Awards
• Great Taste Awards
• Blas Na h-Eireann Awards

• World Steak Challenge (Gold / Silver / Bronze)
• ITQI Awards (2 & 3 Stars)
• Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards

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Tom Barry

Tom Barry’s family farm is Baytown Park, Dunboyne, Co Meath. He is the third generation on the farm taking over from his late father, Thomas Barry in 2008 and keeps Hereford cross suckler cows as well as pedigree Hereford cows. Herefords are such a docile breed and as a part time farmer, with teenagers helping around the farm, it’s important to have a breed that’s easy to look after and handle. Tom’s farm is in the Green, Low-Carbon, Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS) for the past 5 years, where frequently taking soil samples and the completion of a nutrient management plan are required.