We are a small team who are passionate about what we do. We are farmers, like our members and we manage the Irish Hereford Prime Producer Group. All of us working hard to guide our members to produce the best beef, to the highest standard, drive demand for our product and create a reputation for care, consistency and exceptional quality.

We have grown since 1997. This is due to our vision, the proactive nature of our farming members and an unrivalled market demand for Certified Irish Hereford Prime beef from both the Irish and European markets.

We work together

Like-minded Irish Hereford Prime members work hard to drive demand for superior quality Certified Irish Hereford Prime beef across Europe. They are supported by importers like Jean Denaux, a fifth-generation butcher and breeder who supplies beef to France’s most demanding chefs.

With the support of the Irish Hereford Breed Society, a dedicated Hereford beef producer scheme was put in place.

We raise the best

With a docile and pleasant temperament, Hereford herds are easily managed and are valued for their longevity, early maturity and exceptionally flavoursome beef. Living in close harmony with the environment, Herefords offer excellent opportunities to anyone who is committed to sustainable farming.

Certification Standards

Our Herefords adhere to a high set of certification standards.
  • All our Hereford animals must be classed as Hereford (HE or HEX) on their animal passport.

  • Only Hereford steers and heifers are accepted for certification.

  • All our Hereford cattle must be under 30 months of age to qualify.

  • Our members’ herds must be approved under the Bord Bia Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme.

  • Only carcasses between 240kg and 380kg will be eligible for certification.

  • All our Hereford cattle must grade an O= or better.

  • Our Hereford cattle must be finished to a fat score from a 2+ to a 4+.

Consumers choose excellence

Surveys confirm that customers prefer beef from grass-fed cattle and are willing to pay more for it. With its flavour, tenderness and consistency, Certified Irish Hereford Prime delivers an eating experience that turns any meal into a truly memorable event.