The Porterhouse

Killarney, Co. Kerry.
A family run gastro pub. The Porterhouse Killarney is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike.
Tadhg Corkery has been head chef at The Porterhouse for the past seven years and he works hand in hand with manager Ed O’Donoghue, serving a wide range of delicious fish, meat and vegetarian dishes.
Tadhg began his chef’s training in Killarney before heading to Germany on a scholarship for 12 months. From there he went on to work in London, Liverpool and Canada at restaurants including the Café Royale and the Crowne Plaza. The call from home was strong and Tadhg eventually returned to his hometown and has been working in The Porterhouse Killarney for the past seven years.
When it comes to choosing beef, Tadgh and Ed agree that they struggled to find the right quality in the first few years. They experienced issues with a number of suppliers and found they had to send back meat time and time again because it just wasn’t good enough. Since moving to Irish Hereford Prime three and a half years ago, Tadgh reports that they
have not had to send back one delivery of meat.
The restaurant can serve up to 1,000 steaks a week in the Summer and these include tomahawk, fillet, ribeye and sirloin, and Ed says they never have a steak sent back to the kitchen.
“The customers are happy because the meat is delicious and tender.”
The Porterhouse has a char-griller in the kitchen and Ed believes that cooking the steaks in this way really enhances the flavour. They have just started using a dry ager and are looking forward to being able to serve dry aged steaks to their customers in the near future. “We’re always looking to improve our offering, both myself and Tadgh are from Killarney, and we are serving locals and people that we know, so we want to be proud of the dishes in the restaurant.”

“It’s consistently good. You can see from the meat before you even cook it that it’s going to make a great steak. We’re happy to spend a little more money on Irish Hereford Prime because we know that it’s going to be prime cuts and top-class meat every time.”

Local Irish Hereford Prime farmer Jimmy Galvin is one of beef suppliers and the restaurant prides itself on offering locally sourced meat and produce. When it comes to steak Tadgh first looks for consistent equal size and shape, a good amount of marbling and some (but not too much) fat. “Our Restaurant owner, Pat Sheehan was a butcher, so he knows his stuff when it comes to
beef, and he is always happy with the quality and consistency of Irish Hereford Prime.”

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