Bocon Divino restaurant

Situated on a small island in the centre of an idyllic lake in Camposampiero, close to Padua, Bocon Divino has been offering customers a delicious, seasonal, traditional Venetian menu for almost 20 years.
We sat down to speak to Chef Alberto Canton about his menu and his unique restaurant. Chef Canton has created an array of dishes that celebrate the local area, heroing top quality meat, from tasty tartare to gorgeous grills. His spit-roasted dishes are well-known throughout the area and are presented and cut at the table so that his customers get to enjoy an interactive eating experience.

With meat taking centre stage in the majority of his dishes, it is vital that Chef Canton uses only the best quality ingredients. Irish Hereford Prime is his beef of choice, its characteristic marbling, tenderness and delicious flavour are perfect for his authentic, traditional fare.
“I have been using Irish meats for about thirty years, Irish Hereford Prime has become the star in my restaurant because we use it in different cuts for both grilling and spit-roasting. It can be paired with many different wines, although I do enjoy a glass of Amarone with it.”
When it comes to the cuts of beef, Chef Canton uses the striploin for the grill and the entrecote for roast beef, he uses the rump for recipes that require a longer cooking time, such as braised dishes. The fillet with its versatile nature is used for tartare and carpaccio, with the tips going into his Venetian ragu.

“We use stewed Hereford beef cheek for our Cappellacci pasta, which is baked in the oven at a low temperature overnight and spiced with sage and rosemary, it is a very traditional dish that our customers recognise from their childhood.”

“Irish Hereford Prime is an incredible meat, it is fragrant and tasty and enjoyed by my customers, it has certainly helped to boost my restaurant and reputation in this area.”

One of Chef Canton’s favourite meals to serve is Irish Hereford Prime Fillet with chanterelle mushrooms and black truffles. The rich and succulent flavours of the mushrooms and truffles meld perfectly with the tender fillet meat creating a deliciously decadent dish that his customers ask for time and time again.

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