Telling A Timeless Story Of Excellence


Since its establishment as a producer group in 1997, Irish Hereford Prime has developed a brand now championed by many of the world’s most respected chefs. 

Time and time again, Certified Irish Hereford Prime wins prestigious awards and appears on Michelin-starred menus. Because demand for authenticity and quality in food is now so great, the brand’s story has become more compelling than ever. 

In response, its design has been updated with new marketing material created to reflect the brand’s world-class quality.

Natural Evolution 

Drawing inspiration from the original logo, a more modern icon has been created. This features a Hereford animal redrawn in a contemporary but timeless way. Its typefaces blend modern and classic fonts to echo Certified Irish Hereford Prime’s long heritage and contemporary relevance. Rich brand colours reflect the breed’s characteristic red colouring and clearly signal excellence. 

Complementing the new visual material, a positioning line has also been created. ‘So much to savour’ underlines the wealth of attributes that sets Certified Irish Hereford Prime apart: its outstanding flavour, tenderness, consistency and environmental credentials.

A Clear Statement 

Fresh and modern, yet in step with its rich heritage, the brand will now make a clear statement of quality on shelves and menus. 

Certified Irish Hereford Prime’s story is told in more detail at We’d invite you to see why, more than ever, Certified Irish Hereford Prime now has so much to savour.