The Old Stone House

Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
Run by husband and wife team Ray and Mags O’Connor, both experienced chefs.
Both bring resumes that boast references from fantastic restaurants across the world, the O’Connors believe in using the best, locally sourced ingredients for their delicious dishes.
“We are passionately committed to prioritising the use of Ireland’s core indigenous ingredients in our food and drink offerings, whilst sustainably supporting Irish farmers, food producers and fishermen.”

When it comes to the beef dishes at The Old Stone the quality of taste, texture and marbling of Irish Hereford Prime beef is the reason Ray and Mags choose it every time, sourced locally from Irish Hereford Prime farmers, one such farmer is Sinead Conry.

Sinead is the 4th generation of Conrys to farm in Roscommon and she became passionate about raising cattle at a young age. Having received her first pedigree Irish Hereford heifer at 18, Sinead quickly grew her herd and is now a dedicated ambassador for the breed.

"The quality, taste and traceability are second to none, with great marbling, a succulent flavour, a good colour and a tender texture"

“Hereford cattle are known for their early maturing and their ability to be finished on grass alone. The rich flavour, marbling and tenderness of the meat reflects the time cattle spend grazing on lush grass in the open air, and I take pride in producing the highest quality meat from my green fields in Rathnollag, Co Roscommon.”

The restaurant offers a range of beef dishes including fillet steak, striploin and rump fillet, with the steak Diane Rump fillet, served with cognac forest mushrooms and tarragon sauce, being a firm favourite with regular customers. “We insist on our beef being of the highest quality, that’s why we only serve Irish Hereford Prime. The quality, taste and traceability are second to none, with great marbling, a succulent flavour, a good colour and a tender texture.”

When it comes to advice on cooking Irish Hereford Prime beef at home, Ray stresses the importance of resting the meat: “Resting time is so important, amazing things happen to meat when it is allowed to relax. Most chefs follow the rule of thumb of one minute’s resting time for every 100grams of meat. We like to rest a roast for 10 to 20 minutes before carving, while a steak will usually get 3 to 5 minutes before it is served.”

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Consumers choose excellence

Surveys confirm that customers prefer beef from grass-fed cattle and are willing to pay more for it. With its flavour, tenderness and consistency, Certified Irish Hereford Prime delivers an eating experience that turns any meal into a truly memorable event.