House Restaurant

Leeson Street, Dublin
Renovated last year, House restaurant is a unique boutique hotel that offers a range of delicious dishes complemented by exceptional cocktails and wines.
Executive chef Neil Mulholland has worked in House for the past year and was previously head chef in Peploe’s restaurant in Dublin city centre.
Neil attended Athlone college before receiving a scholarship to study cooking in Germany, where he worked for over a year. Having travelled extensively during his career, he takes inspiration from foods and cultures across the world, particularly Africa where he spent time working as a chef on film sets and in an exclusive hotel.
When it comes to beef Neil points to the different ways that cattle are kept all over the world and how this effects its flavour. Africa has more predominance of grain fed, ‘feed lot’ cattle, which of course has more antibiotics and supplements, and a completely different type of marbling. While in Germany they always try to use Irish beef, which they treat as an exceptionally special product.

Neil believes it all comes back to how Irish cattle are treated, from the length of time they are out moving around and grazing natural green grass, which ultimately means less artificial supplements and antibiotics, to how well Irish farmers treat their animals, with kindness and consideration, which causes them less stress and ensures that the meat is tender and well marbled.

“I tried lots of different meats while working in Namibia, they are particularly fond of game, which of course is completely different from our game in Ireland. Springbok and Gamebok were commonplace and have their own distinct, but delicious flavour.”

When he moved to House, Neil began using a different supplier for beef, but he soon came to realise that Irish Hereford Prime was a superior product with better texture, flavour, and consistency. He offers a range of beef dishes on his menu, from beef carpaccio to start, to Irish Hereford Prime fillet and sirloin steaks. He also makes a braised beef mac and cheese, which is very popular with diners.

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