FIRE Steakhouse & Bar

Mansion House, Dublin City
Located in the historic Mansion House in the heart of Dublin City, FIRE Restaurant is one of Ireland’s best known restaurants.
Multiple award winning, FIRE is renowned for supporting and serving the finest quality local and international produce — something Richie Wilson places a huge importance on.
We’ve been serving Certified Irish Hereford Prime for over 10 years, something we’re really, really proud of. I’ve been to the farms and seen the passion, care and commitment they put into things. It’s phenomenal.
‘I’ve seen how the Herefords are cared for, how they’re bred, how they’re reared. For most of the year they’re out in the open, not in sheds. They’re naturally grass fed. Knowing all this gives me so much confidence walking out to talk to a table. It’s amazing to be able to tell guests where exactly the beef has come from, and how natural and well cared for the product is.’

‘Does Hereford taste differently from others? Absolutely it does. Does it stand up to Wagyu and Angus? 100%. In fact, most of the time it’s better. On a busy night we could serve up to 500 guests, so we need to be 100% confident that our beef is of the best possible quality. Working at such a scale, we just can’t take risks or shortcuts. It has to be perfect every single time.

"Does Hereford taste differently from others? Absolutely it does."

‘Sure Hereford Prime can be a little more expensive than other beef out there, but you get what you pay for. And what we’re paying for is the very best consistency, quality and flavour — Hereford Prime really is a step above everything else.’

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