Meet Our Monitors

Here at Irish Hereford Prime, we believe that the best way to lead, is by example. As part of our farm support, we have initiated our Monitored Farm Programme. This programme will document the trails, tribulations and success of four of our members. Each farm is unique in its enterprise and farm type, giving a true insight into what it is like to be and Irish Hereford Prime Farmer.

Sean and John Heffernan, Bushypark, Co.Galway

Sean and John Heffernan are a father and son duo, operating a calf to beef finishing system in Bushypark, Co.Galway. Despite the drainage history of the county, the Heffernan’s have considerably dryer land. With a high level of technical knowledge and experience between the pair, they manage a tight ship in the City of Tribes. Read more about Sean and John Heffernan’s story on here

Proinsias Creedon, Clondromid, Co. Cork

Proinsias has a store to finish operation under heavy soils in Clondromid, Co.Cork. Having undertaken colossal work with regards to reclamation and drainage, Proinsias adheres to a steady reseeding programme and reaps the rewards of grassland management, in the form of consistent annual grass growth. Read more about Proinsias Creedon’s story here>>>

Aaron Deverell, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Aaron operates a calf to beef and tillage enterprise in Offaly. A family of many trades, the Deverell’s are also the proud owners of an equestrian centre, which has developed alongside the farm itself. Aaron purchases and rears between 80 and 90 calves annually, and hopes to have the opportunity to finish most of the stock himself this year. Read more about Aaron Deverell’s story here>>>

Eamon Corcoran, The Rower, Kilkenny

Eamon manages both dairy and beef enterprises on his home farm in The Rower, Kilkenny. Using his own home bred Hereford cross calves, he operates a calf to finished beef system. Eamon also places huge emphasis on soil fertility and grass management, which allows him to maximise the resources that are available to him. Read more about Eamon Corcoran’s story here>>>