Irish Hereford Prime Off-Season Bonus announcement

25 CENT / KG BONUS CONFIRMED – 25th January 2024

The Irish Hereford Prime beef producer group have announced a higher bonus of up to 25c/kg for all Hereford cattle pre-booked this spring and early summer period. The increased bonus will be available at all ABP Group and Kepak Group sites throughout Ireland for both qualifying steers and heifers.

  • Spring / Summer 2024 off-season bonus will be available from the 18th March 2024 to the 17th May 2024 (Week 12-20).
  • Only Hereford animals booked in with the producer group by the 23rd February 2024 will be eligible for the higher off season bonus.

Demand for Irish Hereford Prime beef from its customers at both a retail level in Supervalu stores and in restaurants throughout Ireland is standing the test of time, with the producer group in existence for almost 27 years. A rise in beef sales with European buyers in recent years has seen the group continue to increase the number of cattle going through the scheme on a weekly basis, with a consistent 52-week supply from members now essential for these customers.


One such member is Aidan Cousins from Clondra in Co. Longford who supplies Hereford cross heifers regularly. When it comes to finishing cattle, he is a true believer in making a plan and always looking to maximise the performance of his animals. He aims to achieve the top prices possible. Aidan highlights that the “added costs associated with finishing in late spring needs to be counteracted by an increase in beef prices”. He feels “that the off season pre booking is very worthwhile as it gives him the guarantee of receiving a higher bonus for his finished Hereford cattle after the winter period.”

The additional higher bonus for the period up until the 17th of May is a further sign to all farmers that the demand for branded Irish Hereford Prime beef is very strong.  While increasingly meeting sustainability targets at farm level with cattle finishing at younger ages, maintaining carcase weight and conformation specifications is essential into the future.



According to Niall O’Mahony, Chair of Irish Hereford Prime, “rewarding farmers who produce the right type of cattle at the right time is crucial for both our members viability and that of our brand in the marketplace. The increasing demands for product with high sustainability credentials puts our beef in a very good place due to the Hereford breeds natural early maturing and easy fleshing abilities. Finishing Hereford cattle at a younger age is clearly what the market requires, and with the Hereford breed traits excel at this”.

The Hereford Beef Sustainability programme in conjunction with Dovea Genetics is beginning to show real potential. To date there have been five Hereford bulls selected and tested through the ICBF Gene Ireland Dairy Beef Programme and these bulls are available commercially to all suckler and dairy farmers via Dovea Genetics. The breeding policy of the program makes easy calving, short gestation Hereford bulls available to meet the huge demand at farm level, while also ensuring high terminal carcass performance to deliver a Hereford beef animal that continues to achieve targeted improvements.

The producer group recognises that an increase in the rate of genetic gain is linked to profitability, sustainability, and climate efficiency. A reduction in the age at slaughter while maintaining animal daily liveweight gain will ensure lower overall methane emissions per kilogram of beef produced, thereby strengthening the sustainability pillar on which the Irish Hereford Prime brand is built.

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