Irish Hereford Prime – Certified, Sustainable, Supremely Flavoursome Beef

Irish Hereford Prime – Certified, Sustainable, Supremely Flavoursome Beef

As we kick off the 2021 Six Nations Rugby Championships we know our Irish Hereford Prime ambassador John Hayes will be planning time off from his farming duties to be able to catch the Irish games and especially tune into the Ireland vs France match on February 14th. The former Munster, Ireland and Lions Rugby prop aptly nicknamed ‘the Bull’ now spends his time since retirement from rugby, rearing Hereford cattle on his family farm in Co Limerick. 

Irish Hereford Prime is an award-winning beef producer group promoting the Certified Irish Hereford Prime beef brand in Ireland and Europe. Formed from the Irish Hereford Breed Society in 1997, a group of like-minded Hereford breeders came together to certify and promote their own Hereford beef. Irish Hereford Prime is now responsible for co-ordinating a group of farmer members to consistently supply suitable Hereford cattle to produce the award winning Certified Irish Hereford Prime beef. This farmer led group offers technical support and market co-ordination to its members through its core team of farming specialists. 

Irish Hereford Prime beef is fully certified and comes only from Bord Bia Quality Assured farms. It has an international reputation for quality and consistency. This supremely flavoursome beef is characterised by rich marbling, created by tiny seams of fat and delivers an unsurpassed degree of flavour, mouth-watering succulence and a wildly superior eating experience. And whichever cut is chosen, Certified Irish Hereford Prime’s exceptional quality remains consistent. 

Hereford cattle are an early maturing breed, they are calm and docile, this natural propensity producing the highest quality meat. They are hardy and can thrive and survive in all kinds of weather, making them well suited to Irish farms and have a mainly grass based diet. The genetic traits of our breed are proven to provide the consistent premium eating experience that is required.

Ireland has the longest growing season in Europe which gives us the grass advantage meaning Irish Hereford Prime beef is natural, sustainable, low in saturated fat and high in vitamins and minerals making it healthy as well as a first-class eating experience.

Our farmers are dedicated to quality, consistency, sustainability and care. We support them on a regular basis and our field specialists call to our member farmers to give advice on various topics such as cattle selection, calf rearing, grassland management tips and the many other topics that arise as we get to know each individual farmer and their needs.