Farmers focused on care and commitment

Irish Hereford Prime farmers are united by the care they show their animals and their commitment to safeguarding the environment for future generations. Working on small to medium-sized Irish farms whose grassland can be well managed, they provide Hereford cattle with the ideal conditions to produce world-class beef.

Why join the programme

Practical support in every aspect of Hereford breeding

Supported by the Irish Hereford Breeders Society, members of Irish Hereford Prime can look forward to information and practical assistance in maintaining their animals’ world-class quality. Irish Hereford Prime also works closely with processing partners to ensure farming continues to be economically viable.

Member benefits

Exclusive benefits that enhance herds and assist farmers

Irish Hereford Prime assists members with everything from managing soil and grass to monitoring daily weight gains and sourcing new Hereford sires. Information and insights on the latest research into Hereford genetics and animal welfare is also shared regularly.

Apply for membership

For more information on the qualifying criteria required to become a member of Irish Hereford Prime plus application forms, click the relevant button below. 

Consumers choose excellence

Surveys confirm that customers prefer beef from grass-fed cattle and are willing to pay more for it. With its flavour, tenderness and consistency, Certified Irish Hereford Prime delivers an eating experience that turns any meal into a truly memorable event.