Chef Jean-Michel’s Wilmes

Jean-Michel’s Wilmes restaurant Aux Crieurs de Vin in Troyes has been serving classic French food and natural wines for 25 years. Named for the wine traders who would ‘cry’ their products and prices in the streets of the town, Crieurs de Vin offers a menu designed around small, individual producers. Irish Hereford Prime is their beef of choice across their menu.

We met with Jean-Michel to chat about his menu and how he likes to serve Irish Hereford Prime. “Many people speak about tenderness when it comes to beef, but for me it’s all about the taste, that is what is most important. Irish Hereford Prime delivers both great taste and a nice, marbled tenderness, so it is a great product to serve to my customers.”

Crieurs de Vin’s daily menu often offers tartar and carpaccio options, so it is vital that their beef is of top quality. “With tartar it is important to have a meat that is a little more tasty. For me the less cooked it is, the better it is.”

Jean-Michel serves an array classic French dishes and his customers are confident that he only uses the very best ingredients. “We explain that our beef is from beautiful origins, it’s important that our customers know where these products come from.”  

When it comes to his favourite cut, Jean-Michel admits that he likes the chuck.

“The best beef memory I have from Hereford Prime is mostly the chuck, it is very, very good.”

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Tom Barry

Tom Barry’s family farm is Baytown Park, Dunboyne, Co Meath. He is the third generation on the farm taking over from his late father, Thomas Barry in 2008 and keeps Hereford cross suckler cows as well as pedigree Hereford cows. Herefords are such a docile breed and as a part time farmer, with teenagers helping around the farm, it’s important to have a breed that’s easy to look after and handle. Tom’s farm is in the Green, Low-Carbon, Agri-Environment Scheme (GLAS) for the past 5 years, where frequently taking soil samples and the completion of a nutrient management plan are required.