Browne’s on the Green

Tyrellspass, Co. Westmeath
Located in the historic village of Tyrellspass, a family owned and run restaurant renowned for serving delicious dishes using locally sourced ingredients.
Established in 2016, Browne’s on the Green has won many awards, including Best Newcomer in 2017 and Best Restaurant in the Midlands in 2018.
With a mission to serve only the best quality produce in their restaurant, the family began breeding their own herd of Hereford cattle on their farm five years ago, with guidance from Sean Browne, a member of Irish Hereford Prime.
“At Browne’s on the Green the main focus is always the customer and we are delighted to be associated with Irish Hereford Prime so we can guarantee the very best beef is delivered to our tables consistently. As our beef all comes directly from our farm, and we know just how much care and commitment has gone into the breeding and raising of our cattle, we can be confident that every dish that is delivered to our tables is of the very best quality.

Head Chef Ciaran is proud to be able to serve the very best, locally farmed beef and, because he knows it is certified by the Irish Hereford Prime, he can be confident in the consistency of the quality of produce that he delivers to his customers every day.

“If you haven’t tried Irish Hereford Prime beef, you are really missing out. As a chef it is the most consistent and best quality beef I have ever worked with. Since changing to Irish Hereford Prime, the feedback from our customers has been amazing and they return time and time again to enjoy their favourite dishes, knowing that the quality will always be amazing.”

"I know that I can rely on the quality of the meat, no matter how our customers ask for their steak to be served.”

Browne’s on the Green is quickly becoming renowned for its Irish Hereford Prime beef dishes, in particular their steak, which Ciaran carefully prepares to each customer’s taste.

“I am passionate about our steaks. I love to custom cut and prepare each order to exactly match our customer’s request. Because everyone likes their steak served in a different way, it is always a new challenge to create a dish that is cooked exactly the way they like it. We serve fillet, striploin, rib eye and dry aged Tomahawk steaks and, because we only use Hereford Prime Beef, I know that I can rely on the quality of the meat, no matter how our customers ask for their steak to be served.”

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