Pedigree Heifer Scheme

Pedigree Hereford Heifer scheme

With the long term development of the Hereford breed in mind, Irish Hereford Prime in conjunction with the Irish Hereford Breed Society, ABP Ireland & the Kepak Group running a pilot program to encourage pedigree Hereford breeders not to retain pedigree Hereford heifers that are unsuitable for future breeding.


How it works:

  • Heifers must meet all existing Irish Hereford Prime qualifying criteria.
  • A pedigree certificate must accompany the animal passport on the day of slaughter.
  • The Irish Hereford Breed Society will refund the heifers registration fee (€45)
  • ABP Ireland and the Kepak Group will pay an additional 10c/kg on top of the Hereford bonus being paid on the day.
  • Irish Hereford Prime will match the total bonus paid to that heifer. For example: a 300kg pedigree heifer will be entitled to a 12c/kg standard bonus + 10c/kg pedigree bonus from the factory, and a 22c/kg Irish Hereford Prime top-up and the €45 registration refund which will total €177. If booked in for the off season bonus this total will be higher.
  • A breeder may only send progeny for slaughter under this scheme from a breeding dam once in her lifetime.
  • All heifers must be booked into the scheme through Irish Hereford Prime. Call 087 6888713