Superior Taste

Irish Hereford Prime Beef has gained worldwide recognition as one of the most succulent, tender steaks available on the global market. Every cut of Irish Hereford Prime Beef comes from cattle reared primarily on a grass based diet; not only do Irish Hereford Prime steaks taste superior, they are low in saturated fat, high in vitamins and minerals, and always Ultra Tender.

Unique by Nature

Hereford beef is defined by its finely grained marbling and characteristic taste and tenderness. Its consistency has also made it a favourite among retailers and chefs alike.

Best Steak in the

Irish Hereford Prime Steak was chosen as the clear winner in the Best Steak in the World Competition in Germany, ahead of New Zealand Wagyu beef, Argentinean Angus Steak, Angus fillet from USA, Florentine steak from Italy, Charolais fillet from France, Bison from USA and Simmental beef from Germany.


Food Writers Guild Awards
Blas na h-éireann Awards
Great Taste Awards

Our Irish Hereford farms are situated at a latitude of 53 degrees north, the optimum global positioning for sustainable natural grass production.Ireland has the longest grass -growing season in the EU due to frequent rainfall and a moderate temperature. Which means our Hereford Beef is..

  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Low in saturated fat (A cause of heart disease)
  • High in vitamin E & vitamin B
  • High in minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Always Ultra-Tender®

Ultra-Tender® is a patented process delivering award winning beef. In the 1980s ABP Beef pioneered and patented a process of hanging the carcass which is scientifically proven to increase tenderness and consistency.




ABP Food Group is a world leader in driving sustainability in food processing.
We have recently been shortlisted for an award at the Sustainability Leaders Awards 2012.